Tuesday, January 13, 2009

World No 1 DJ Armin Spinning

.100109. World No 1 DJ @ ZOUK KL

And so, after just 3 hours of sleep or so, I got up 8.00 am and get ready to kick start the long day with my CLAP Training Day #2 @ SIBKL. Got up with good start preparing worship songs for the program later and brought along my white Tanglewood guitar. I was a little rusty with the chords though since I have not been playing as often as I did back in my highschool days. Anyway, worship went well though and Ps Lee Choo's teaching was superb where she touched on the topic "worship".


*final audition stop @ Impiana KLCC!!*

At 11.30am, I left church and rushed my way to Impiana KLCC Hotel & Spa to finally begin my journey as one of the official bloggers for Malaysian Dreamgirl Season 2. It was the final stop of the season's audition after completing 3 in Penang, Ipoh and Johor last month. It was great to see many turned up to give themselves a shot to become the next Malaysian Dreamgirl. At least, they wanto grab this opportunity to achieve their dream of becoming a model. Updates on Malaysian Dreamgirl audition will be done in another post entry.


*moonlight shining brightly in the sky across the tip of KLCC*


*this is the highly anticipated night for music lovers, trance at least*

The entire audition including the final briefing for all successful candidates ended about 6.45pm and I rushed home to charge my flash batteries for the night's photoshoot in ZOUK KL again. This time, it was an event that features a world renowned DJ. Apparently, he is the world's no 1 DJ and he's non other than DJ Armin Van Buuren. Just less than an hour resting at home, I continued my busy schedule rushing down to Zouk KL for the highly anticipated shoot so to speak. I knew it was going to be a crazy jam packed night in Zouk's main room. That night I saw many of my friends there as well!!


*this is what i called madness in zouk kl.. there's isn't much space left to move about*


*yippie!! the dgmbians there too!! as usual.. they are pretty much everywhere..*

I was supposed to stay back till 3.00am that night though but I know I'll die if I do that coz I have to wake up the next morning at 6.00.am as I'm on PM duty in church which requires me to reach church by 7.00am and I have CLAP Training final session that day which means I'll be staying in church from 7.00am - 6.00pm. LOL!! Therefore, I left Zouk at about 1.00am to give myself a break and sufficient rest!!