Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Chap Goh Mei @ Souled Out

.060209. Chap Goh Mei Celebration @ Souled Out

Wooot~ If you still remember, I once mentioned about me attending this Chinese New Year celebration in Souled out with a few bloggers thanks to Alice George Communication again. Well, it has been very encouraging for me to be invited again to Souled Out knowing that the staffs there are really very friendly and they'll give you the warmest hospitality.

It was my first time celebrating Chinese New Year there and it was totally amazing to have everything in one. What I meant was the food there was delicious as always and the CNY setting brought out the celebration mood. Not only that, we had yee sang, the auspicious dish that many look forward to during Chinese New Year and Souled Out even invited special performances by kids from China to do acrobats and stunts. If you are not done with that, we also had lion dance performance which was my all time favourite for CNY and to round up the fantabulous night, the finale was litting up of 6 long red crackers before ending with a spectacular 3 minutes fireworks!!

That night was a total blast and in fact it was the best celebration I had this year!! All in one!! Here's some photos to show you...

*my all time favourite chinese new year performance*

*great settings for the great food*

souledcny1c copy
*yummilicious as always*

souledcny1d copy
*chinese new year celebration for all!!*

souledcny1e copy
*you can expect the best out of souled out!!*

*michelle and fred, the ever supportive bosses*

That's all for now. I'm pretty sure there will be more coming up from Souled Out. Apart from that, WIP is coming up with a new concept and 7atenine is also very happening!!