Friday, March 6, 2009

Fun Gathering

.310109. Chinese New Year Day 5 @ Os Residence

Finally, I'm coming back to my chinese new year post. LOL. Just a few more to go. But before that, I had a bad football game just now. It was a inter-neighbourhood football match in Desa Parkcity and our team lost, missing the opportunity to enter the semi finals. Owh well, we played well though. Perhaps a little unlucky.

On the 5th day of CNY, a few of my cell members gathering at Os place for a simple makan + wine + monopoly. It was pretty fun and it's my 2nd time playing with them. I learned my lesson in the first game though. At the start, I was kind of monopolizing the game only to be swept away by Juni at the end of the game thanks to a cunning guidance from Os who was well bankrupt by then. Anyway, we had great fun that night.

Here's some photos...

*os has lotsa set of mini tea sets!!*

*it goes fantastically well with the sabah chilli!! PEDAS best!!*

*here comes the monopoly session (US edition)*

*as usual, i chose the MCD fries hoping to be as successful.. LOL*

*healthy gathering during chinese new year!! =D*

Next up... Let me unpack my photo folders and see what he have in the remaining days of my chinese new year... LOL

My Malaysian Dreamgirl updates are done too!! Will be published in the Malaysian Dreamgirl blog real soon!!