Monday, February 9, 2009

Chinese New Year Chronology

.090209. Chinese New Year Chronology

It's the final day of chinese new year. Chap Goh Mei is always referred to as a day where you will see young girls 'throw' mandarin oranges into the river with some messages hoping to find their 'true love' or what not lover. Anyway, for me, it only marks the end of a wonderful festive season!! And every year, I would only go to Petaling Street to watch the lion dances there!! Every Chap Goh Mei, there will be a few troupe of lion dance and also dragon dance that would perform in front of Kiew Brother's Shop, along that road.

Anyway, my last update on the chinese new year stopped at day 3 and here's what I have left to update!! Was really busy for the past weeks with photoshoots, house visitings, farewell and other gatherings. Would probably start updating them tomorrow or the day after!! =D

Chor 4 - Primary Schoolmates + Genting
Chor 5 - Homey + Monopoly @ Os
Chor 6 - Nic Open House + BBQ @ Chee Wei's
Chor 7 - Lou Sang Reunion with Shoutout
Chor 8 - Random Lou Sang @ Zoe (done)
Chor 10 - Dinner Gathering @ Bee King's
Day 11 - MotoGP @ Sepang + Chap Goh Mei @ Souled Out
Day 12 - More of MotoGP + Sunburst Press @ Pavilion
Day 13 - Zoe's birthday @ home + Cat Got Your Tongue @ Palate Palette
Day 14 - MMU friend's house visiting + Calvin's farewell gathering
Day 15 - (today) Satria Neo Race @ SIC + Nuffnang Movie Screening - The Punisher

That's all of the entire Chinese New Year. Time flies pretty fast. Really. Let's look forward to a really good year ahead!!

Here's some sneak peek...

*chinese new year celebration @ souled out!! fantastic fireworks finale*

*nic's dad is a really good cook!! yummilicious!!*

*have you ever tried banana + bacon???? bbq @ chee wei's*

*me n rudy and many more @ cat got your tongue 4 @ palate palette*

*sunburst silent DJ @ pavilion KL*

*valentino rossi with his famous '46'*

That's all for now... Have a blessed Chap Goh Mei and let's look forward to 2010's Chinese New Year from now!! haha +D