Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Expensive Siu Yuk Rice

.100209. Siu Yuk Rice @ Pudu

As much as anyone loves to eat anything, how much would you pay or do you think what you are paying is worth the money?? Let's forget about hotel or posh restaurants. I'm not too sure all of us heard of it but I'm pretty sure if you are a food hunter, you should have heard of the famous siu yuk rice in pudu!! Well, the last time I heard of it, 5 of my friends went there they ate rm100 ++. Just char siew and chicken.

My family was there just hours ago and they thought of trying it after hearing much of their friend's recommendation. They packed one individual siu yuk rice for me and I was super stunned to hear that my pack of siu yuk rice cost RM 14.20!! That's their standard price for individual pack. No wonder they ate RM 100 ++ in total!! Walao!! That's like the most expensive roast pork rice I've ever eaten.

*RM 14.20 for individual siu yuk rice (standard price) wtf??*

My parents said it was nice and I though the same though. Their layer of skin is pretty crispy but I think the layer of fats is really very "jelak" after you have eaten the 6th or 7th piece. It was only the chilli sauce that helped me finish all the siu yuks up. Seriously, very jelak! Maybe it would be nicer if we eat there and then!! I don't know.. Well, at least for me, it's nice but it's seriously pretty much over priced!! Owh well, that's just a quick random thought and update of my lunch I just had and to those who want to try, it's just somewhere behind Times Square and behind Shaw Parade (Pudu).

KY just reminded me... The shop is called "Wong Meng Kee"!! Bon appetite there!!