Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Lou Sang No 6

.280109. Chinese New Year Day #3

Just got home not long from Tuesday Night Prayer Meet in church and it was another great sharing today by Yoshua who touch on the topic raising up a new generation in prayer!! Thanks Jin Iy for a wonderful worship lead.

Anyway, here's the updates for my day 3 of chinese new year. Every year I would have get together house visiting with my primary school mates and this year is no exception. I woke up around 10.00am and had some biscuits for breakfast. Got myself changed and headed off to Mun Fai's house about 11.30am after fetching Kenneth. It was our first stop. Right after that, I headed off to my cell leader's house for my 5th lou sang gathering before my eventual 6th the same day at night. Had a great time meeting up with my cell members and church friends there and eventually we had a group photo with our chinese costumes!!

*chinese new year deco @ saikit's house*

*a black n white photo for the album*

After a fine lunch in my cell leader's house, I went off and joined my ex primary school mates again in Taman Desa. After the house visitings, we had dinner in Lit Heong Restaurant in Kepong and right after the pretty filling dinner, we continued house visiting in my house. Had a few "sessions" before we finally move to our final stop in Go's house. That was pretty much of my 3rd day though. Nothing much except for house visitings and makans!!

*more chinese new year lou sang coming up!!*

*more than 10 years of friendship*

*these girls can't be broken apart!!*

*yummy!! dinner that night was really full!! portions were big!!*

Chinese New Year is about eating more, getting fat and also receiving ang pows while house visiting!! Gosh.... There goes my "keep fit" resolution. Will keep that for after chinese new year!! hehe...