Tuesday, February 3, 2009

We Got Pawned!

.020209. Random Lou Sang Gathering @ Zoe's Residence

Just got home not long from yum cha session with Yatz and Zoe after a much exciting Facebook Texas Hold 'em in real life! =P There was fireworks, red crackers and red lanterns everywhere as many Hokkien families are doing their chinese new year "bai tin kong"!! There was one family that lighted up the sky for more than 30minutes for fireworks. I guess those people seriously have too much money to be burn!! Anyways.....

*I got a new haircut btw!! LOL (just before the gathering)*

*thanks zoe for the yee sang!!*

It was holiday for federal territory and I was home for almost the whole day on a chinese new year. Something must be wrong!! How can I stay home and do nothing besides blogging. Anyway, I was having a chat with Zoe on msn before we finally decided to have a random lou sang gathering at her place. We started calling people and those who came was Ren, Sandra, Yee Hou and Nicholas. Yatz came later to join us for CNY "activity". Zoe's brother joined the fun later on and regretted greatly for he should have continued his assignments in his friend's house!! LOL =D (You know why)

*zoe just woke up at 6pm, therefore she's still in her pyjamas!! and lou sang with us*

Pick of the day was Sandra won the round when she called the bid with "2" and "3" in hand without any pairs when the 5th card was revealed. The best part was everyone fold without any pairs and eventually lost the round to the smallest ever single card you can ever get!! How exciting!! Is this what we call beginner's luck?? LOL

*lesson of the day: dun be easily conned by beginners*

You can't do any better than that don't you?? LOL That was a real classic win!! Anyways, more texas hold'em coming up!! =D Looking forward to Saturday!!