Sunday, February 15, 2009

MDG Bloggers Meet Up

.140209. Malaysian Dreamgirls Bloggers @ New York New York Deli, One Utama

Happy Valentines Day to all!! Err.. I mean yesterday!!

Since I'm not celebrating Vday with anyone special, I thought it would be great to meet up with the rest of the Malaysian Dreamgirl bloggers for lunch. After a random planning, half of us met up in One Utama while the rest had their own plan yesterday. Huai Bin had event in Sunway while Angela had plans with her bf. And of course, the rest of them are from out station. The closed audition just over and we had our top 12 selected already!! If you want to know more, do check it out @

Yesterday, the 5 of us had lunch in a quite a new restaurant in One Utama called New York Deli. I only seen this cafe in Singapore and I thought of trying it and so we ended up there. I would say that the prices there are quite reasonable, not too expensive. The menu is really tempting. They have this thing called "diet friendly" and also "seriously sinful", which means really fattening! Haha..

We ordered a few different meals to try and I thought it was ok!! Simon had a "big big breakfast" which Diese thought we can prepare it from home. Both Deb and Diese had Smoked Salmon while I tried their Cheesy Chicken!! Quite nice. However, the seriously sinful Smoked Cheese Balls is ok only, nothing special!!

Here's some photos to show you what we had...

*new york deli located in front of Cold Storage, new wing LG*

*the so called sinful smoked cheese balls*

*the can-make-at-home meal!! LOL..*

*this is really yummy!! salmon best!!*

*mine came the last!! coz it's the best!! LOL*

Here's the 5 of us...

*debra fong & diese*

*drewnity & simon seow*

*he was super blur when he arrived.. LOL*

This is the first quarter plan of my Valentines Day this year!! After One Utama, I went to my church's Pastor's house for a meeting. Then, I went to Taylors College Valentines Dinner @ Taylors PJ Campus before heading to Zouk at night for their Big Love Valentines Special @ Zouk Mainroom where I met Gary (Cao Ge), famous Taiwanese Singer from Malaysia. Followed him to the VVIP area in Phuture, Zouk KL. LOL