Monday, February 16, 2009

Taylors College Valentines Dinner

.140209. Valentines Dinner @ Taylors College PJ Campus

Continuing from my bloggers meet up yesterday, I went for a meeting with my church YA people at Ps Lee Choo's house before heading to Taylors College for their Valentines Special Night!! It was an event organised entirely by the students of Hotel Management!! Even the cooks, waiter and waitresses, bar tenders, Emcee and performers are the students themselves. I must say that I was really impressed with what they have came up with!! It was brilliant!! *applause*

That night, the dinner was served fine dine style and as their photographer (thanks to Sandra who invited me), it was a privelege to be served as well!! LOL What kind of fine dine dinner that offers the photographers food as well!! (As in sitting together with them for the fine dine!!) haha.. Of course, I knew one of the organisers as well!!

Here are some photos that I took that night, decos, food, emcee, magician and more...

*nicely done menu given to all guests that night*

*registeration counter with a cute kitty couple*

*decos by the entrance*

*one of the 2 lucky guys who became cupid that night*

*official make up product that night?? LOL*

*i stormed into the cooking area!! hoping to grab some food first*

*emcee kicking off the dinner!! apparently there was some technical..LOL*

*the students themselves doing the practical*

*hired magician to entertain the guests.. apparently he's from taylors as well*

*applause!! great job guys!! and girls...*

Applause to the organising committee for a fantastic job well done!! +D Keep up the good work and all the best!!

That was my part 3 of 4 on my Valentines Day and of course, last but not least, I was in Zouk KL for the "Big Love" Valentines Night event!! =D