Monday, February 2, 2009

A Week Ago

.260109. Chinese New Year Day #1

It's the year of Ox. My year. And it's finally here!!

As usual, the first visit of day 1 of chinese new year would be my dad's good friend's house (also his boss) @ Bukit Jelutong. There we would have super yummilicious lunch prepared and this year we had Nasi Lemak on top of the usual wax duck and sausage, steamed chicken and etc.

Right after the scrumptious lunch, my sisters and I headed to Times Square to grab some stuffs before going back home and wait for my other cousins to come (dad's side).

3 years ago, we started an annual Sing K session at Neway and this year is no exception. On the 1st day of chinese new year, my sisters and I together with my 3 cousin brothers will go for a buffet sing K session at Neway and this year we had another group of "Wong" which were good friends of ours as well to join us!! Best! Super fun!! We sang from 7pm all the way to 4am. As for me, I already closed shop by 12midnight!! haha..

*my sisters and i*

*my 3 cousin brothers from dad's side*

*the other wong family, good friends of ours too joined in the fun*

*happy mandarin orange new year!!*

That's all for day #1 updates!!