Monday, February 2, 2009

Chinese Tradition

.270109. Chinese New Year Day #2

2nd day of Chinese New Year is rather predictable though. Relatives (mom's side). Went to my popo's house to meet up with my cousins and uncle aunties. My 2nd uncle and auntie prepared nasi lemak (again) for lunch!! At night, we had dinner together @ Hei Loi Tang Restaurant in Seri Kembangan/Serdang.

*chinese new year is also about cny cookies!!*

*the fun of lou sang is to lou until the whole table is filled with the yee sang*

*i love eating rice the chinese way*

Later that night, I finally got some Chinese New Year feel when I met up with my primary school mate friends at Happy Garden for some fun CNY "activities".

There goes my day #2. Damn fast....