Monday, March 9, 2009

Kena Virus

.090309. First Time Kena Virus

Gosh..... Can anyone like slap me on my face so that I can wake up from this horrifying experience??

I just got home from One Utama after meeting up with Beverly, CheeWei, Sandra, Grace and Yvonne. We had lunch at this quite-a-new cafe called Garden. Quite similiar setting with Full House, which I have yet to visit though. Had a great lunch and the price was fairly reasonable for the quality of food you get. (photos coming up soon coz I'm damn sad now)

My usual routine when I come home and into my room was switching on my laptop and keying in my password of course. When it finished loading, I was wondering why my desktop items has reduced by almost 80%, leaving only the basic icons there. I thought to myself, must be something wrong with the system and I decided to shut it down and restarted it.


Moments later, I come back to my laptop and once again I found my desktop with the same amount of icons but this time, all well arranged and aligned to the left of the screen. I knew something was wrong already.

desktop copy
*moral behind this, backup every single file whether it is important or not. You'll never know when is it coming your way*

I called a good friend of mine, Ken, who's very good in all this technical stuffs and I asked him "Hey bro, I on my laptop and found out that all my files in the desktop gone already. Why ah?"

Straight away he responded, "Owh!! Kena virus d!!" I was like "GOSH!! WT?? Then how?? Why like that one? Can recover anot wan?"

Fortunately he said can, but you have to find a person with really good technical skills (that's him). LOL =D *finger crossed* Let's hope he can really do something about it tomorrow and help me recover all the files. It's not the photos that I'm worried for but there are some important documents that I have in desktop which I did not back it up (yet).

The best part was, my friend, Diese, was just talking to me over msn last night about backing up your files in HDD and little did I know that this was coming in the way.

*time to pray a little harder*