Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Nuffnang's Bloggers Nite Out with DIGI

.140309. Nuffnang's Bloggers Nite Out with DIGI @ Friendster Cafe, Damansara Perdana

*DIGI, Always the smarter choice!! Expect something special*

It was a night of fun gathering, delicious food, fantastic prizes and photos taken for cherishable memories and on top of that, you can always expect something special with Digi around. It was also a night of enlightenment when we were the first batch to be introduced to brand new function offered by Digi Telecommunication.

*Digi + Microsoft offering a new service for digi subscribers!!*

*was asked to take the first step!! LOL =D*

Digi Telecommunication Sdn Bhd together with Microsoft have started offering Windows Live Messenger via handphone to Digi subscribers starting yesterday for a 2 month trial. Digi subscribers is now made possible to chat with their friends and family via handphone apart from their desktop PC, Smartphones or PDA. I thought it was a brilliant service offered by Digi for people like me who always chat online and the compatible mobile phones for now are also not of the high end models which made it even more practical for most users.

Anyway, coming back to the party, as most bloggers gathering would be, we had great food @ Friendster Cafe of course. Spotlight was on Nigel when he wrote his "hungry" status at the big MSN "status board". The MC, Jonathan, who was quick to notice it, made fun of him almost the entire session. LOL =D

*january's featured blogger!! hungry for food and prizes!! LOL*

*a very entertaining MC full of enthusiasm and energy!!*

Food was served and we had a free flow of beer. Digi was indeed very generous in providing us with the food and beverage. They must have known that bloggers are really into it.

*david, the royalshortness showing his facial expression at the buffet counter*

Soon after, we were introduced to the new MSN service offered by Digi and was guided step by step on how to operate it. There was also a funny video that help to promote the new service.

*a pretty clear and brief introduction of digi's new service!!*

Then, came to the part where not only bloggers would be excited of, but anyone else would do. Freebies with games and lucky draws!! There were plenty of goodies to give away and that includes, headsets, pendrives, webcams, oakley and rayban glasses as well as coca-cola caps!! Wow!! I was impressed!!

*this would be quite the normal scene you would see when malaysians were asked of that question*

*huaibin of sixthseal overturned MC's energy to win himself a prize too!*

*angel vs devil, guy as the angel and girl as the devil!! topic: can a guy and girl be best friends after breaking up?*

Anyway, Jonathan had some really easy QnA to give out the prizes and next was a debate session between our Nuffnang's March's featured blogger Yat and Malaysian Dreamgirl Season 1 winner Cindy. It wasn't a battle of the sexes though but one supposed to be the angel who agrees with anything and the devil who are supposed to object with everything!! We also had this MSN emoticon impersonate and finally wrapped up with the final lucky draw.

digi1k copy

*lucky bloggers with Cilia giving out the prizes!!*

*start trying out MSN on your phone now!!*

If you have not already know the steps to activate MSN on your phone or if you are wondering which phone is and is not compatible, the guide below will help you with your doubts.

*full guide to activate MSN on your phone!! 2 months free trial!!*

That's all the updates from Nuffnang's Bloggers Nite Out with Digi @ Friendster Cafe. More photos will be posted up soon. Well, the only thing that's left undone is there's still 3 more PSP to be given away by Digi to 3 lucky bloggers!!

*3 psp for 3 lucky bloggers*

*finger crossed* =D