Sunday, August 17, 2008

Beaten But Not Lost

.170808. Badminton Men's Singles Gold Medal Match @ Beijing Olympics 2008

It was the moment of truth when the clock struck 8.45pm on a rather cool Sunday. It was really the "moment" where most Malaysian was waiting for when Chong Wei was up against Lin Dan of China in the Men's Singles Badminton Gold medal in Beijing Olympics 2008. In fact, both the Chinese and Malaysians was waiting excitedly for this "supposed to be" mouth watering match, if not the whole world.

It was a total shock and surprise, I must say, the outcome of the game. I am sure that most of us would have thought Chong Wei would put up a good fight with Lin Dan in the finals. However, the game was totally taken control by Lin Dan who showed less mercy with his fast paced footwork and unsavable lightning smashes. Nontheless, I personally give my standing ovation and applause for Chong Wei for his great fighting spirit throughout the tournament!! He may have been beaten in the finals but he has not lost the game!! He played to his best I suppose despite the pressure that mounted him all over!! *well done CHONG WEI!! You made Malaysia proud with your historic achievement in the Men's Singles Badminton Tournament in the Beijing Olympics!!! =D and I'm sure that all of us are also proud of you!!*

chongwei copy

*well done to our country's Olympic Silver Medalist*

There's an on going International Fireworks competition in Putrajaya kan? Anyone want to go shoot photo there?? Let's go!! =D But I don't know when it's going to end though.