Friday, August 22, 2008

Hokkien Cake?

.220808. Hokkien Cake for Ozzie @ Goshen Cell

Just came home from cell meeting at Sai Kit's place. It was rather a good and fruitful night listening to the word of God though. Very inspiring on how we learn about the life of Elijah when he was so drained out and lost, but God is always there to meet our NEEDS and not our WANTS!
Well, I have been to many birthday parties or various celebrations but not to the extend of imagining that there would be a cake that look like below! LOL...


*looks wierd but taste good k??*

It was a spontaneous decision to sing Osbert a birthday song since we missed the last opportunity! However, me managed to get him to blow his candle on that beautiful hokkien mee-made-cake! ROFL!


*happy belated birthday again to Os and his little son Joshie!!!! LOL*

Good day and blessed weekend ahead people!! Gotta get going... zzzzz... (esok kerja KL Convention Centre @ 7am) Yesterday kat Sue punya birthday @ Dragon-i and Euphoria (MOS), Sunway Pyramid. (photos sooooonnn..)

Short-Note: Anyone going for Levis event at RUUMS KL tomoro @ 8.30pm?? See you there! =D