Sunday, August 24, 2008

Want A Ride?

.240808. Malbex 08 @ KL Convention Centre

Let me remind all of us again that KLCC is not equals to Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre or maybe i should put it as Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre is not equals to KLCC, at least, the "KLCC" that we generally tend to refer to. LOL.. Ssshhhh...


*kuala lumpur convention centre @ night*

Anyway, came home not long from work, setting up for MALBEX 08, The 25th Malaysian International Building Exposition, happening from the 26th - 29th of August. (Anyone nearby can meet me for lunch ya! rofl)

As I was leaving the convention to my car i saw this group of parked police motorcycle and I thought I should give you all a ride one day and so....


*give you a ride one day la k?? LOL Vrrrooommm*

Haha.. Cheerz ppl!! Have a blessed week ahead. Thank God is Monday kan?? =D