Sunday, September 21, 2008

Baby Josh turns 2

.190908. Josh 2nd Birthday Celebration @ OSC Residence

Hope everyone's weekend is going well!! If life isn't going the way it should be or if there's any storms in life that you are going through, read Romans 8:28-39!! As quoted from Ruthz, "life is like a massive jigsaw puzzle, sometimes pieces fall out of place, but sometimes when time is right, everything falls in place. There's always a reason behind everything". As Pastor Lee Choo quoted in church today, everything happens for a purpose and that everything is for the good works of God's purpose!! Nothing can seperate us from the Love of God!! Cheers to that!!

Okay now, back to lil Joshie's birthday celebration. 2 days ago , we celebrated Joshua's birthday at Osbert and Sheila's house and it was a fantastic night of makaning!! LOL Best part was, it was all prepared by Osbert!! (with a little help from his mom-in-law and Lui)

Here are some of the yummy food...


*beautiful deco done by mommy Sheila for Joshie's big day!*


*one of my favourite finger food of all time*


*i didn't know that this fry thing taste so nice wan!!*


*must show abit wat's inside!! LOL*


*i don't know the name of this dish but its some pastry wrapped sausage*


*Chef Oz special blend recipe of grilled pork!!*


*another secret recipe of Chef Oz's fry spagetthi*


*i went early to catch him in action and curi skill abit*


*josh just cant wait to taste a piece of his yummilicious cake!!*


*very unique candle for the yummy pretty cake*

That's all for now... More pix coming up...