Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby Josh!

.190908. Josh Birthday Cocktail Party @ OSC Residence

Alright!! Clock strikes 12.00 already!! Time to wish my cell member's son, baby Josh, a Blessed 2nd Birthday!! Hehehe...

Osbert and Sheila was kind enough to open their house tonight for a cocktail party to celebrate Joshie's big day and of course, our chef of the night is none other than the daddy himself, sifu Oz!! =D *applause*

Can't wait to go to their home tonight and get together as a cell for this joyous occasion. Here's the invitation card that the lovely parents did for Josh...

Josh2yrs copy

*blessed birthday joshuaaa!!!*

Owhh... some of you must be wondering.... joshua again.... I think joshua is getting a little too common... rite?? at least to me though... =D