Thursday, October 23, 2008

Blessed Birthday Gideon

.221008. Gideon Early Birthday Celebration @ Yu Lek Steamboat

Just came home not long from steamboat dinner (although I'm still stuck with flu, sorethroat and cough) @ Yu Lek to celebrate Gideon's birthday. It was a surprise celebration for him though as his birthday is only arriving this coming Sunday. After steamboat, we went to Cheras Old Town Kopitiam to surprise him with Sandra's special home-made birthday cake!! *droools*!!

Here's the special moments of the night...


*blessed birthay to gideon who turns 20 this Sunday!! woooo!! there goes your teenage years*


*how i miss hong kong's da bin lou!! LOL*


*siu kai yik/roast chicken wings is a must here*


*wai seng with his trademark faces while joseph looks on*


*birthday boy looks so handsome tonight... and every other night.. LOL*


*the only thing we hear from her is her high pitched laughs throughout*


*sandra's special recipe!! it's really really extremey delicious!! berbakat betul*

Orites.. that's all from Gideon's birthday celebration. Looking forward to my next HK updates... yeappie!! Thanks all for your well wishes... Am getting alot better after taking medicine from doctor... Nites and God bless!! =D