Thursday, October 23, 2008

Famous Australian Dairy Co Restaurant

.161008. Hong Kong Trip Pt 4 @ Jordan + Central

As mentioned earlier, I left out a few photos of the Jordan and Central updates as I have too many photos. I have missed out the super famous Australian Dairy Shop with its famous breakfast set!! After this, we'll be moving on the Queen Elizabeth Stadium already where the main purpose of me going to Hong Kong is all about Passion World Tour Conference!! Can't wait!! Can't wait!!

Here are some of the photos that I missed out in Pt 3...


*one of the famous place in HK as we see jordan cafe in our country*


*this restaurant is famous for its australian dairy ingredient*


*the picture says it all!! YUMMMYYY!!!!*


*super delicious though it may look ordinary to you!! haha..*


*this one is simply amazing!! its smoothness is just so unbelievable*


*here's the secret ingredient to their food that made them famous*


*the road where pubs and bistro are all over!! famous scene in HK movies too*


*miss those pekind duck skin wrapped in popiah roll with sweet soya sauce!! YUMMY*


*Passion World Tour Hong Kong is what I came for!!*

Orites peeepss... Next up will be a blast from Queen Elizabeth Stadium near Wan Chai!! Iheard the final stop in Sydney was awesome too!! I believe God is moving the nations!! weeeee!! =D