Thursday, December 4, 2008

Black N White

.291108. Photoshooting @ Great Eastern Centennial Dinner Celebration, Mandarin Oriental.

I certainly had came a long way since I first started photography with a DSLR back in February 2008. In fact, it was my very first own camera that I bought. I never regretted when I chose DSLR over a compact camera after listening to much advises and suggestions. Although I am still very noob and a newbie to photography, I sure did enjoy a lot of friendship that I found through photography. Learning is always never ending and I'm still learning to be better.

Last Saturday I had a photoshoot in Mandarin Oriental with a few photographers cum bloggers and I have a few random shots here just before I go sleep. Very tired indeed and I'm looking forward for a random Petaling Street photoshooting tomorrow afternoon with Aaron Ho the CincauHangus and a few more friends.


*light + star + balloon = shiningstarloon*


*waiseng the numerouno at work!! LOL*


*friends never fails, they are fun*

Kena complaint by lotsa people for making them hungry through my food. Therefore, I decided not to upload some food photos today! hehehe...

Went to Telok Gong for lunch with my family today. Will update hopefully by tomorrow. Till then, cheerioz and good night!!