Friday, January 2, 2009

Tribute Birthday To Him

.020109. Happy Birthday to my Late Buddy

2nd of January 1985 was the birthday of a highly respected leader in both 1st Kuala Lumpur Boys' Brigade Company and Methodist Boys' Secondary School. 23rd of January 2003 was the day he was called home to be with the Lord in heaven!! He is also a very encouraging brother to his friend and he is definitely a very passionate child of God who never fails to jam with his guitar to offer Jesus his best praises. He is more than a buddy to me. He is my brother and his name is Teong Wee aka [endless]despair.

Today is the birthday of my late brother (one of my best buddy) and I just want to wish him a blessed birthday in heaven!! In 3 weeks time, 23/01/09 will be the 6th year since he has left us back here to be united with God in heaven. Every 2nd and 23rd of January, I specially dedicate this 2 days in rememberance of him!! And everytime I think of him, it always bring back those fond memories and nostalgia moments when we were back in our highschool days, playing band together and learning guitar together in the Boys' Brigade. I still remember the first song you thought me to play. It was "Heart of Worship"!! Thanks bro for even pushing me to learn it up!! =D

Well, 6 years has gone and I'm pretty sure you are enjoying yourself with the Lord!! Jam with the Lamb!! Just another dedication for you =) *cheerios* miss you lots and I'm pretty sure the rest of the 'endless' buddies missed you as much as I did.


*endless brothers: top l-r: desire, drewnity/dread, deceive, deceit; bottom l-r: DESPAIR, devastation*

Everytime, when those songs you thought me, and the songs that we last sung for you during your wake service plays in the midst of my driving, and sometimes at home, I just can't help and tears just flow from my eyes. I always wonder to myself, how would it have been if you are still around?? I suppose things would be so much better. I know you know what I mean =..) Owh well, let's not talk about those sad things. Just to wish you again a blessed birthday!!

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