Saturday, February 28, 2009

Stepping Into The Unknown

.280209. MOS randomz

It's a Friday night/Saturday morning and Euphoria (Ministry Of Sound) is having Jungle Jerry as their guest DJ tonight. Zouk KL on the other hand is having DJ Sinden (UK) and Lapsap for the Adidas House Party. I think everyone has gone down to Zouk and I'm pretty sure is jam packed at the entrance of it. Owh well, there wasn't as much crowd as I would have expect in MOS though. Quite an unusual sight to have there. Was a litte too tired and decided to skip Zouk KL and head home to rest. Tomorrow will be another long homey day!!

Had some lousy shots to share while randomly shooting around on a boring night...

*who knows where you'll reach at the turning point.. LOL*

*first time trying out a not so cool bokeh shot.. LOL*

*that's my colleague TJ showing iloveyou sign language.. silhouette of course*

There's so many things running in my mind now and I really wish I can achieve all that's in it =) When days does not come by too easily, it is when you have to react differently to what you are probably not ready. Sleepzz..