Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fantastic Food!

.140309. Thanksgiving Lunch @ Jaya Palace, Wisma LYL PJ

After 4 days without my precious laptop, I'm almost lost with whatever I have been doing. Seriously, I can't really remember what I have to blog about. Well, I just got home from Nuffnang's Bloggers' Nite Out with Digi and I shall reveal the happenings there tomorrow (hopefully).

Man Utd just lost 1-4 to Liverpool and I'm a little disappointed with their performance though. Pitty my friend Joshua who won himself an all expenses paid trip to Man Utd only to see his favourite team being trashed!! But, I don't mind going though, even to see them lose.. LOL

Anyway, forget about my happenings in the past weeks. I shall update about this afternoon's lunch. It was a thanksgiving lunch invited by my church member for having performed on their wedding day. It was just a show of their appreciation for those who have helped them and blessed their wedding ceremony.

*pretty modern-chinese concept*

*we had a private function room booked for ourselves... karaoke available*

When I first googled this restaurant called Jaya Palace, I was quite surprised to see many, have already blogged about this place. Apparently, the review is quite good and I was having some doubts until I tasted the food there myself this afternoon. I thought that the food was really good!! The modern-chinese concept restaurant did impressed me not only with their delicious menu, but also the interior design and as a package of the entire restaurant.

Owh well, here's what we have (before I rushed off halfway for singing practise)...

*it was good!! honestly!! very delicious!!*

jayapalace1d copy
*i don't need to say more do i?? just continue drooling on them!!*

*this was my favourite today!! best!!*

That's all for now. Looking forward to tomorrow's worship practise in church. Easter celebration is coming and this year, we'll be having a BLAST in church!! If any of you are free, come join me in SIBKL =D